Fourth Baptist Christian School

Plymouth, Minnesota

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I teach a variety of high school courses. For the 2014-15 school year, I’m teaching the following courses:

Speech: This course is designed with many purposes: to prepare the senior for undergraduate speech requirements, to increase organization and listening skills, to increase confidence, to increase effectiveness in delivering a message, to further the spread of the Gospel , and more. This semester we will work through a variety of different speeches and do a number of fun in class activities.

Biology: is the study of life! In this course, students will study a variety of information spanning the many topics within the vast science of biology.  Students will study taxonomy, the chemistry of biology, ecology, organisms from each of the seven kingdoms, and take a close look at the body and its many life-supporting systems.  Biology will also be a hands on investigative class with dissections and other labs. 

Physics: is a course expanding on many of the topics studied in physical science class.  Students will study both classical and modern physics while using mathematical skills to solve problems related to motion, work and energy, properties of matter, electricity…etc.  Students will participate in labs related to the content covered in the lectures.

American Literature: covers a variety of topics.  Students will study an overview of grammar at the beginning of the year.  The class will also cover 300 vocabulary words and their spellings, along with synonyms, antonyms and word analogies.  The American Literature book contains four units spanning Early American Literature to Modern American Literature.  Students will also read four novels: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Students will memorize one poem per month. 

Computer Applications: This course is an elective course for the 9-12th grades, and will be a project oriented class. Students will work through programs of Windows Office, (Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point).  



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BLUE: 11/12 American Lit

ORANGE:  Computer Apps

PURPLE:  11/12 Physics

RED:  9/10 Biology

GREEN: 12 Speech