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Plymouth, Minnesota

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I teach a variety of high school courses. For the 2015-16 school year, I’m teaching the following courses:

Speech: This course is designed with many purposes: to prepare the senior for undergraduate speech requirements, to increase organization and listening skills, to increase confidence, to increase effectiveness in delivering a message, to further the spread of the Gospel , and more. This semester we will work through a variety of different speeches and do a number of fun in class activities.

Physical Science:  is the study the physical laws of nature. Physical Science is a foundational class to understand basic concepts in Physics and Chemistry.  Students will study a variety of topics this year including: matter, measurements, mechanics, energy, machines, thermodynamics, and periodic motion.  The course will feature a variety of labs, so that students can develop laboratory techniques, and they will complete a few fun projects.

Anatomy & Physiology:  Anatomy and Physiology is offered as an elective course.  It is a study of the structure and function of the human body.  Students will use sections from the Biology textbook, as well as Kapit and Elson’s Anatomy Coloring Book to learn about various structures and their functions from the 12 major body systems. 

Chemistry:  Chemistry is the study of the identification of the substances of which matter is composed; it is an investigation of matter’s properties and the ways in which matter interacts, combines, and changes.  Topics specific to this course include: matter, measurement, atomic models, periodic table, bonding, reactions, thermodynamics, kinetic, and organic and bio chemistry.  Laboratory activities will build students’ skills in measurement and safety practice. 

British Literature:  British Literature studies literature written from across the pond. Students will cover several literary periods including Old and Middle Ages, and we will span up through modern British Literature.  Four novels will be covered: The Pilgrim’s Progress, Ivanhoe, Les Miserables, and Animal Farm. One poem will be assigned each month, and students will also build a foundational knowledge of Greek and Latin word roots. 

NEW WEBSITE:  I am excited to be offering this website,, as a resource this school year.  This is a website where I am able to record video “white-board” tutorials and post them online for students to view.  I will attempt to use this as a platform to review difficult homework problems, concepts, and create questions to be discussed in the next class period.


Students will need to create a profile to be able to login and view the various videos that I have made. I would encourage you to allow your student to participate in this resource!




Email Mrs. Kristen Mulnix


Blue: 11/12 British Literature

Orange: Anatomy and Physiology

Purple: 11/12 Chemistry

Red: 9/10 Physical Science

Green: 12 Speech