Fourth Baptist Christian School

Plymouth, Minnesota

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I teach a variety of high school courses. For the 2013-14 school year, I’m teaching the following courses:

Speech: This course is designed with many purposes: to prepare the senior for undergraduate speech requirements, to increase organization and listening skills, to increase confidence, to increase effectiveness in delivering a message, to further the spread of the Gospel , and more. This semester we will work through a variety of different speeches and do a number of fun in class activities.

Chemistry: Chemistry is the study of what the world is composed of, and the interactions that occur between matter in the universe.  In this class, students will participate in a number of labs, relate chemistry to their everyday experiences, and learn how chemistry can be a powerful tool towards their impact for Christ.

Physical science: This class is designed to teach students basic principles of chemistry and physics to prepare them for the higher level science courses. Students will participate in a number of hands on labs and activities, and learn how the physical world around them is a testimony to God’s magnificent creation!

British Literature: This course includes a brief comprehensive review of grammar, hopefully to be completed within the first quarter. After the review, we will move into our study of literature, starting all the way back to the Middle Ages!  The course will also dive into Greek and Latin roots to increase students’ decoding and vocabulary skills .  Several novels will be studied throughout the year including the famous allegory Pilgrim’s Progress. I anticipate great discussion as we as a class evaluates our readings through the “lens” of the Bible

Computer Applications: This course is an elective course for the 9-12th grades, and will be a project oriented class. Students will work through programs of Windows Office, (Word, Excel, and Power Point), and learn about how the use of computers and technology can be both a hindrance and help in our lives.



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BLUE: 11/12 Brit Lit

ORANGE:  Computer Apps

PURPLE:  11/12 Chemistry

RED:  9/10 Physical Science

Green: 12 Speech