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I am teaching Spanish III for FBCS high schoolers and Elementary Spanish to grades 1-6.
Both Spanish III and Elementary Spanish include cultural learning experiences like celebrating Mexican Independence Day (el 16 de septiembre) with the creation & consumption of an edible Mexican flag, Columbus Day (el 12 de octubre) recognizing & partaking of the elements of the Spanish conquistadors motto “For God, Gold & Glory,”  preparing for Thanksgiving Day (el dia de las gracias) with a wonderful special song presentation of Gratitud, and discovering the uniqueness of Three Kings Day (Los reyes magos) celebrated in most Hispanic countries & Las Posadas de Navidad (the re-enactment of Mary & Joseph’s shelter-seeking)-a famous Mexican Christmas tradition to name a few extras that accompany our language learning.  In addition there are plans for an educational day at the MN zoo this year, sampling Latino cuisine and celebrating El Cinco de mayo as the students learn about the history of this holiday and enjoy the Hispanic experience of breaking a piñata together!
Spanish III is the interactive telecourse study of Spanish with a strong conversational approach using the Destinos telenovela curriculum.  The students travel with the series to the 4 major Spanish speaking areas of the world and develop listening comprehension as they follow the Destinos storyline from a variety of Spanish speakers; they also learn vocabulary, grammar, develop writing and conversational skills, and learn some history and culture about each of these areas of the Spanish speaking world.
Elementary Spanish is a fun and interactive experience for the students to be exposed to beginner level Spanish and to introduce them to a language and culture that is a present reality within our US borders-America is the 4th largest Spanish speaking country in the world!   The purpose of Elementary Spanish is to draw the students into the idea of how much fun and rewarding the learning of another language and culture can be at this stage in their lives where the students are like sponges and absolutely soak up what they are exposed to as fresh and eager learners.
Spanish III grade percentages are:
Homework:  25%
Quizzes:  25%    
Projects:  20%
Tests: 30%
Special projects for Spanish III include an Emerging Mexico reading/reporting project that helps them see how our country’s NAFTA agreement has had profound effects upon our southern neighbor, Mexico. The students will also make Valentines, cook from Spanish recipes, sing and listen to stories in Spanish, recite verses and poems, produce dramas, and play Twister and Road Scholar board games in the target language.