Fourth Baptist Christian School

Plymouth, Minnesota

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Hallada Welcome

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Welcome to Mr. Hallada's Home Page!


Classes Taught this year - 6th Grade Science, 7th-8th Life Science,
9th Health/PE, Kuder

In our study of science we strive to point the student to God by investigating the things
that He has made.

7-8 Life Science

This study will introduce the student to topics like cells, classification, and life processes of all living organisms.  Visit the Insect Collection page.

7-8 Earth Science

This study will introduce the student to the processes on the earth and in space.  Some of the topics discussed would be planets, moon, stars, earthquakes, volcanoes, geology.

Every other year students 7-10 will be involved in the science fair.  Science fair consists of researching a scientific topic of which they write a report on, do experimentation, and report their findings first to the class in the form of an oral report, and then put together a display that they present at the science fair.